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Christmas wishes and unbelievable levels of busyness...

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Did I say I was busy last time I posted here? <hollow laugh> No, that was just a mild flurry, as it turns out... I am now completely drowning in orders, which is absolutely marvellous, and as it also coincides with Small Person being off school, slightly stressful. I am doing my best to parent well even as work tasks pile up, as well as regular every-day and festive-related tasks.

As part of my striving to be awesome parent, I made my son this fantabulous and completely unique Festive Cat Case for Christmas, which I hope he will love. Inside is a pack of Shopkins Top Trumps cards, a fad he managed to become obsessed with and then go off in the short space of time since I made this. Thanks, pet! I think he will adore the zippy pouch though, as he is so enamoured with all things related to cats. Here is my Cat Case handiwork:

The outside, looking Christmassy by our tree...

And inside, with matching fabric from the same range which I managed to find in my local haberdashery quite by chance. Yay!

Speaking of cats, Cat Bag, which was my first knitting bag that I created a few months ago now, is now back in stock. I had a bit of a lively time trying to source enough of the particular type and colour of pink zip that Cat Bag uses, but now I have a huge number of them which I'm very happy about. Cat Bag has been simply flying off the (virtual) shelves since it went back online! I have a very soft spot for Cat Bag.

I have been keeping up with the odd bit of knitting as well, which usually happens on trains as it is the only daylight currently when I am not found working or doing other things. I  had to put aside my rainbow sock as it neared the toe until I had an afternoon of child-free peace to master kitchener stitch, so in the meantime I have picked up another neglected sock and continued that - I'm now knitting the heel flap. I think it's very grateful to be rescued from the WIP basket and taken up again.

The yarn is Debbie Bliss Rialto Luxury Sock in shade 05 and I really love it. I have also bought some Knit Picks Felici in rainbow which I have been coveting for absolutely AGES and which I can't wait to work with. It's the softest yarn I have ever felt and I already love it. I'll be sure to post up photos once I cast on a new pair! I really do think I should finish one of the pairs I have on the go first, though... ;)

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