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It's the simple things

November and December are always the busiest time of the year at Cherry Plum Tree HQ, and this year has been no exception. Around this time, as the days are getting shorter and the nights deeper, and the stresses of daily life start to mount, I find myself leaning towards certain things for comfort as a plant turns towards the sun. Like my beloved and rather battered pink Roberts radio in the kitchen, which is always on when I am working; it's reassuring burble of Woman's Hour or whatever radio drama happens to be on providing a soothing soundtrack to the rhythm of cutting fabric, carefully pinning and sewing and pressing at the kitchen table. Or taking a quiet moment in amongst all the bustle and busyness, with my hands clamped gratefully round a warm mug of tea. Small acts of self care feel more important at the very moment when there is almost no time at all for them.

Last week I made myself buy a magazine as a treat, which is something I hardly ever do and feels really delicious and decadent! I love this magazine, it's called The Simple Things, and my favourite issues are always the autumn into winter ones each year, because that is the time I most need to curl up in my armchair and do nothing for a bit, while looking at pictures of mulled cider or wood burners that are outrageously gorgeous.

The above actions have comprised approximately 0.05% of my daily routine lately, with work and parenting taking up the lions share of my time, but they have been some of the most lovely and peaceful moments of late, and for that I'm grateful. Keep those bright inner lights burning my friends, not long now 'til the evenings start getting lighter again...

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  • Vicky on

    Heh, I’m glad to hear it! I haven’t found the winter too bad this year (so far) although I think part of that is the fact is has been so warm down here in Cornwall that it feels like Autumn! Quite uncanny.

  • Winwick Mum on

    I love your mug, it really made me smile! I’m very lucky that the short winter days don’t bother me but I know they affect some people badly. Having said that, I’m always happy to look at pictures of mulled wine and wood burners! xx

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