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January musings and some new sock knitting bags

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Brr! Winter is still hanging on here, but to keep the seasonal gloom at bay I have been busy creating a new range of project bags especially aimed at sock knitters. These sweet and fun little snap bags are perfect for holding a single skein of about 100g plus sock knitting needles and a pattern, etc. I love them. Every time I finish one I think 'Oh my goodness, I must keep you' but force myself not to and instead list it for sale.

Okay, apart from this pink one which is made from beautiful Lore fabric and which is just for me:

The range of these little snap bags is growing swifty and a couple more will be added over the next few days. I absolutely love making them and they are great to use.

January is such a weird month, awash with people grimly jogging through the freezing sleet in lycra activewear and  setting goals that even they know they will not stick to. I tend not to make new years resolutions these days, as its just a way of tempting fate and I ALWAYS end up not Doing The Thing.

Instead I have longer-term goals which I'm always working on, one of which is to knit a garment! I have started my first ever cardigan (Harvest by Tin Can Knits) back in the winter before Christmas although it's taken a back seat to other knitting as well as work and parenting - as usual. I am very excited to crack on with it though, and I might, perhaps possibly have purchased yarn to cast on two other sweaters or cardigans later this year. WHOOPS. Oh well ;)

The gauge swatch for Harvest makes an excellent blanket for my Zebra Mildliners as well. More about pens in a future post.

Happy new year people, I hope your 2018 is shaping up to be happy and generally fabulous. With extra cake.

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