The first thing I'd save in a fire, and other holiday tales

I am slowly emerging from the busiest few months of work I have had since I started Cherry Plum Tree almost 4 years ago! It's been manic and quite heavy going in that I haven't had a lot of free time to do things I enjoy, but I made up for that by buying copious amounts of yarn - mostly sock yarn. It's a kind of promise to myself that says, 'look, you will have free time again. And this skein is proof of that'. The end result is a bag of yarn so gorgeous that I'm almost tempted not to use it because then I can go on looking at the lovely colours and squidging the soft skeins whenever I fancy. I will make awesome things from it though, I like my yarn corner and it encourages me to create because it's right there, looking tempting. It has also become the thing I would scoop up in a fire, assuming Small Person was safe, of course.

Every Christmas we have a real living tree and the smell of it takes me right back to my childhood and the giddy excitement of Christmas eve. I absolutely love real Christmas trees. This year we tracked ours again online and saw that it was grown in Denmark! Last years tree was from Scotland. A proper Hygge tree for us, hehe. I have also been listening to The Year of Living Danishly on audiobook, so this seems doubly apt.

On New Years eve I took a walk with a friend culminating in a wander through St Ives, which was looking very pretty:

Cornwall is so beautiful that even when it is grey and mizzly (mizzle is a combination of mist and drizzle that this bit of the world does so well) it still looks gorgeous.

I desperately need to talk about the yarn I have purchased but I'm going to save that for next time because I really want to spotlight one indie dyer in particular who I am totally in awe of, I did my first ever swap with her (knitting bag in exchange for yarn seems particularly neat) and I can't wait to return to her shop and buy more! Although, I, uh, won't be buying yarn for a bit. That's what I'm telling myself... Perhaps just one more skein wouldn't hurt? :)

Happy new year everyone, I hope your Christmases were delightful and that 2017 brings you many happy things. Now I have to go and make a clutch of cat bags. I wonder what the term for multiple cat bags would be? A posse? A mroop?


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  • Vicky

    Ohh, tell him to try the Winwick Mum sockalong on her blog, it’s really great and gave me the confidence to knit socks.

  • Dan

    Luke’s got a big yarn collection too. It has taken over his whole sewing machine area but he’s concentrating on crochet now and has also now gone back to knitting and is trying to make socks.

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