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The long awaited new sewing machine! Janome Atelier 5 review

Atelier S5 sewing

It's been a mad few months and I haven't had much time to sit down in the last little while! I have been working very hard here at Cherry Plum Tree HQ which has been wonderful, rewarding and knackering in equal measure. One of the most awesome things to happen is that I have finally been able to upgrade my trusty Janome sewing machine and get a fancy pants computerized model that I have been saving for diligently for the past squillion years or so. Meet Gertrude! She is my beautiful new Janome Atelier 5 and I absolutely love her.


My new Janome Atelier 5

Sewing on my old machine (a beloved but battered Janome J3-24) was starting to resemble sitting in front of a tractor or a pneumatic drill... It had been 3 or 4 years and I was very due an upgrade, so I did a lot of reading before settling on the Janome Atelier 5 (known across the pond as the Skyline S5).

I wanted to stay with Janome machines because I really like them and have heard that they are extremely reliable and top quality for the money. I'll give a more in depth review when I get time but for now my first impressions of the Atelier 5 are very positive. I got mine from a local sewing shop The Sewing Studio Redruth, and after a brief lively time with a machine with a faulty needleplate (it seemed to be vibrating slightly and kept giving me electric shocks - ouch!) they very kindly came to my house to test it and replaced it with a new machine. Top notch! New Janome seems fine and no pesky electric shocks in sight, just happy sewing and OH MY GOODNESS it is so fast and I want to marry the thread cutter button. I also like the speed control.

The only thing I haven't liked is the fact that it takes a moment of pressing the foot pedal to get the sewing speed up to a good rate, this is just a computerised machine vs mechanical machine thing though and it's not a big deal. I am SO happy with Gertrude. Having such a capable and sturdy new machine is making me want to become even more adventurous with my sewing and I am determined to tackle one or two dressmaking projects for myself this year. I'm in awe of those who make clothes and I'd be thrilled to own a dress or top I made myself so that is on my list of awesome things to try now that I have (mostly) mastered knitting socks. :D

I also have my eye on these edible looking sewing weights for when I set out to create my first handmade garment. Aren't they amazing?? I take no responsibility for how many doughnuts you eat after looking at these. They are made by Oh Sew Quaint and I am totally getting some soon. I think I'll end up going for the larger 60g weights, pictured here:

Tasty, aren't they? On that note, I should head off to bed for an early night. I'm going to be busy creating some new DPN holders tomorrow, these have been very popular since I introduced them last month in the shop.

They're great for keeping double pointed needles cosy and safe when carting about a sock knitting project. I have so many plans for these and love making them, it's fun to choose the colour of plastic snap to match or stand out from the fabric.
Happy knitting, sewing or whatever type of creativity is your bag... :) x

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  • Erika on

    I can’t wait to see what this new machine allows you to be able to do! Thank you for sharing <3

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