Hello! I'm Vicky. I started Cherry Plum Tree in 2013 because I didn't think there were nearly enough quirky, fun and happy tablets cases out there. I mean really, there were NONE; everything was a sea of grey neoprene and felt. So I made my own, and then I made some more and listed them on Etsy and people wanted to buy them (which was very exciting!) and here I am today.

I've since expanded to offer a range of colourful fabric goodies, from wallets to knitting bags, and I'm adding new things all the time. As a complete convert to both knitting and crochet - my house is now covered in various beautiful rainbow piles of yarn - I've come to appreciate the usefulness of a small portable padded bag that can be thrown into a larger bag and keep a crafty project safe and sound while out and about.

I am very fussy about the fabrics I use in my designs, and the same goes for the materials I use to make each item - everything has to be the best quality I can find, and I only create stuff from fabrics that make me smile.

Enjoy having a wander through the Cherry Plum Tree site, and I hope you'll stay and browse a while. The kettle is on and the stripey crochet blanket is freshly warmed. Make yourself at home...